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Communications. Marketing. Storytelling.
In the words of Olivia Pope: “It’s handled.”

Communications Strategy

Don’t know what to say to get your supporters attention? We’ve got you covered. Every engagement with our clients begins with understanding your mission, your audience, and your goals so that we can connect these key facets of your organization like never before. 

We’ll guide you through what to say, and more importantly who to say it to, for a pool of raving fans that you can always count on to move your mission forward.

Focused Multi-Channel Marketing

Have you ever dreamt of deleting your Insta, Facebook, TikTok, Linkedin? You can! With our focused, multi-channel Nonprofit Marketing Engine, you won’t ever have to log in to post again (for real!).

Stop trying to do all the things and let us identify and leverage what’s working for you and your audience. We focus on the marketing channels that work for your energy, time, and budget so that you don’t end up ghosting your supporters!

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Revolutionary Storytelling

¡Viva la revolución! We practice and teach ethical storytelling using EquaStory to dismantle the power dynamics between nonprofits and their clients for more heartfelt, empowering stories everyone will be proud to share.

Why has there been this hard push to get nonprofits to adopt a storytelling strategy? Because people make donation decisions based on their emotions! And there is nothing that satisfies our little corazones and moves our wallets more then a well-told, ethically gathered story.

We’ll be your parter in developing an ethical storytelling best practice or produce stories for you by engaging your client’s in thoughtful, trauma-informed storytelling practices.

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Comprehensive Services

  • Communications Strategy
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Content Production
  • Storytelling Production
  • Ethical Storytelling Workshops
  • Website Content Production

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