You know you need to raise awareness for your mission, but who’s got the time?

Save money, serve better, and move the needle once and for all.


Does this sound familiar?

We're not getting new donors, but...

We’re on all the social media channels, our website is okay(ish), and we email every once in a while – shouldn’t that be enough?

People aren't making donations, but...

We’re doing such good work in the community. Don’t they care?

I know I've got to send out that email, but...

I don’t have time. Maybe I can give it to my assistant…nah, I’ll just do it myself after dinner. She’s got enough on her plate.

Take 3 big belly breaths, changemaker.

We’re here to help.

Raising awareness and getting donations, can be simple.

(For real!)

You need three things for a solid marketing foundation:

1. Communications Strategy – Who we talk to and what we say to them.

2. Marketing Strategy – Where our people are and how we’ll reach them.

3. Implementation – Planning and execution you can count on to achieve your goals (wish come true!).

We can help you build your foundation to reach your goals faster, sustainably, and save your sanity.


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Our Approach

Here’s how it works

Step 1: Audit & Report

This is where we take a look under the hood and assess your assets and gaps.

Step 2: Communications & Marketing Strategy

Here’s where we’re going to talk to your stakeholders, identify your target audience, and figure our excatly what they want to hear and where we’re going to meet them.

Step 3: Implementation

With our roadmap layed out in steps 1 and 2. Now we’re ready to run our mouths about youto YOUR IDEAL DONORS.

Hey, Changemaker!

I’ve got your back.

I know you’d rather be spending your time serving people and creating community, not stuck in front of your computer fiddling with Instagram just to have a presence.

I’m not going to ask you to do that. Actually, I’m going to take it off your plate altogether. Does that sound good?

Like you, I come from a nonprofit background. I have the edge of a project manager, the experience of a CMO, and I believe in doing the right thing when no one’s looking.

Let me be your partner and take your mission to the next level.

Why We Do It

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you make the most of the assets already at your disposal.

Let us take care of telling the world the incredible things your nonprofit is accomplishing so that you can get back to doing what you do best, changing lives and making the world a better place.

Showing Love

What Folks Are Saying…


Jessica Williams, Interim ED

“We were critically missing dollars from our audience…[after working with Habrá Marketing] we were able to ratain new and recurring donors.”


4 Da Hood

Diana Farias Heinrich and Habrá Marketing rock! 100% recommended!”

Budget-Friendly Options

Let’s go partner.

6 Month Engagement

For nonprofits who need immediate support with campaigns, events, or who are filling in a gap in their staff.

Packages start at $4,000/month 

12 Month Engagement

For nonprofits who want a long term partner, systems optimization, and processes.

Packages start at $5,000/month

Chanegmaker Curiosities

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m on a budget. Can I afford to hire you?

Hiring my services is typically more affordable than hiring in-house.

If you hire in-house, this is what you’re looking at paying:

A Nonprofit Communications Coordinator in Los Angeles, CA = $71,210.

A Nonprofit Marketing Manager in Los Angeles, CA = $96,470.

A Nonprofit Director of Marketing in Los Angeles,CA = $157,855.

And these are just nonprofit salaries. If you’re competing for talent, on top of competing for donors – the opportunity cost is even higher!

I bring CMO-level expertise at a budget-conscious cost.

What happens during a Discovery Call?

We’ll get together for 15 minutes where we’ll talk about your goals and frustrations. 

We’re going to assess whether my services are a good fit for your needs and take it from there. 

There’s no pressure to hire, no strings attached.

What’s included in Implementation?

During implementation I get your critical 3 working like clockwork: email, social media, and website.

This is your foundation. If these aren’t solid, scaling will be very difficult. 

Most of my clients don’t have the capasity to execute on all three of these areas consistently and successfully. 

I build your content to work harmoniously with all three of these marketing channels.

What’s it like to work with you?

We’ll typically meet 2-3 times a month and communicate over email (& voice).

Once we’re in the implementation phase, we’ll continue to communicate over email but our meetings can be less frequent. 

That’s because we plan things out FAR ahead of time so that you can focus on YOUR priorities.

Now’s the time

You’re changing the world, if only people knew!

Book a discovery call and let’s look at what you’ve got going on. No strings.